Why Shop with Us?

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Art in the Heart is unique allowing you easy access to creative UK artists, artisans and makers who really want to connect with you and offer you individual pieces, for your spaces, homes and to offer as gifts to special people.

We know you are tired of mass produced products and want to know where and how things are made. You want a life with meaning even when you shop. We are passionate about offering meaningful choices to shoppers.

Art in the Heart suits all budgets and tastes. We don’t sell one particular style. We choose diverse artists and makers who offer great design and the best quality products, some of which can be customised or commissioned to suit you. It’s easy to find or create the look or style that works for you.

We are all about love for our UK artists, artisans and makers and want to bring that love to you. Art in the heart… this is love. We want to share the creativity, ingenious talent and the affection which goes into the execution of all of our products from paintings and sculpture to tiny keepsakes and treasured gifts.

When you shop with us, you have a direct connection with the creator and their creative space be it a workshop, studio or even a space at home. You in turn take that love, give it your own meaning for your life and environment or pass it on to dear friends, family and colleagues. We feel good about us and we want you to feel good about your choices with us.

Buying with us is easy. At any point you can contact the artists and makers directly through the products pages and of course you can contact us. We care for our customers providing them with the individual pieces they desire.

Keeping our towns and cities vibrant with artists and makers

Our city centres are dwindling and wonderful independent creative shops are closing down one after the other because of high rents and rates, out of town retail parks, parking fees and of course online shopping. Units are either empty, or have been taken over by pound shops, betting shops, mobile phone shops or we get the same old clone chains.

Art in the Heart has its own art gallery and gift shop in Peterborough’s City Centre with wonderful pieces by quality artists and makers from our Community. We pledge some of our profits from the online Marketplace here to help sustain and fund that. We hope to fund other Art in the Hearts in other less individual towns and cities in the future. So when you purchase from us, not only will you be acquiring something completely individual and different, you will also be playing a major part in the creative evolution of the UK’s shopping spaces and supporting artists and makers in their local communities.

We are always here

If you want to tell us what you think or have a question, you can always contact us. We’ll do our best to get back to you, our valued customer.