10 HOT HINTS: Being a Super Seller on the Art in the Heart Marketplace

Hi there!

Setting up your store correctly is only the start of your Art in the Heart online journey. We do oodles of promotion and marketing to spread the word about your products and this unique platform..…and believe you me, it is unique by its sheer diversity, mixing up fine art with quirky craft, the macabre with the just ever so slightly cheesily cute!

BUT……..There is more you can do.

We want all of our sellers to be Super Sellers and you can be. We asked one of our best sellers to give 10 HOT HINTS. Hope you get some ideas to add to your own.

Dawn xx



“I’m realistic about what people are willing to spend. I try to pitch my work so it can be bought by people with every budget.”

“I like to try and make my products unique. Art in The Heart is a very different online store so the perfect vehicle to sell your own unique pieces. There is a refreshing mix of unique pieces by an eclectic mix of creatives chosen by Art in the Heart for being so different.”

“My work transfers well onto different formats. I’m aware of what I can do with my work to make it stand out.”

“I keep my store updated with new products to keep customers willing to come back, bearing in mind that people scroll through pages very quickly so something eye catching will keep their interest”.

“I tell my customers either face to face or online to buy from my Art in the Heart store for convenience. Customers like buying from Marketplaces, whole brands. At exhibitions I always take Art in the Heart cards to show to the public. People sometimes like to buy something at a later date and it’s easier to go onto the site.”

” I try to keep my work fresh and make things that I would like to buy myself.”

“I use my Facebook pages a lot. I show work in progress whether it’s a floral piece or one of my house commission pieces. I have well over four thousand people who like my page. Showing work in progress is of real interest to them and I always find their feedback fascinating. It also has proved a selling point and also it’s a good gauge to see what other products people would like to buy.”

“When I upload a new product I always use the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest links to share it. I always share on both my Facebook pages.”

“I am very active on the Art in the Heart Facebook page and groups, liking and commenting on other people’s work. The more comments, the more it gets shown on feeds. If we support each other it will drive more traffic for all of us. I try to be generous with my work and ideas and love to share. I always answer every person who takes the time to comment on my work on Facebook pages. They have been kind enough to comment and its only courtesy and good manners to answer back.”

Thanks so much for sharing Ms Super Seller!