Seller Shipping and Delivery Policy

The Shipping and Delivery Policy is part of our Terms and Conditions. One of the main aspects of online selling is shipping. Setting this up on your Dashboard is straightforward and you are provided with Guidelines. The customer wants to know:

  • how much their item is going to cost to ship/post on top of the price of the product before they purchase
  • that the postage charge is in line with standard postal services
  • that their item is well packaged so it won’t arrive damaged
  • that it is going to arrive in a reasonable amount of time

The Art in the Heart product is bespoke, different and original, with particular inspiration and individual narrative. In that sense shipping and delivery is not a uniform process all the time. We tell our customers that the items come directly from studios, workshops, even kitchen tables and that artists and makers are not machines in some kind of mass market factory or selling from an Amazon store. We see this lack of uniformity as a strength, even down to the shipping and delivery of pieces. It’s part and parcel of the Art in the Heart brand.

However we do need to maintain general important principles to give a good level of customer service. The Shipping and Delivery Policy is part of the Seller Terms and Conditions and is an important part of the Art in the Heart online brand.

The Seller must:

  • dispatch already made stock within 3 days if possible
  • pack items appropriately. For light unbreakable items layers of bubble wrap are good and light. Be prepared for Returns if your item was damaged in the post
  • set up shipping costs on the Seller Dashboard using the Help Guide: Getting Started
  • charge reasonably for postage. You may be able to offer free postage for some items or a standard charge for everything depending on your product. There a facility to override postage charges you set on each product to cater for very heavy items for example or any item for that matter if you want to do things individually
  • Mention any departure from the policy when uploading a product, if it is a commission or personalised product for example, you may need more time to make and then dispatch. For example 30 days. You must really endeavour to stick to what you pledge to your customer
  • Use your Seller Dashboard to keep track of your order processing
  • Avoid putting your Store into Vacation mode. Rather extend the processing time in your Settings on your Dashboard temporarily. Just remember to change it back when you return