Commission your own Piece of Art or Craft

What is a Commission?

Commissioning an artist or maker all sounds very grand and complicated, but it absolutely isn’t. Quite simply it means that you ask an artist or maker to create something specifically for you or someone dear to you.

It could be to celebrate, commemorate or symbolise an important occasion. It is about people, places and memories which are very dear to you. It could be a painting, an artefact, a piece of handcrafted jewellery.

Asking an artist to create something especially for you or your loved one is really exciting, and you should not feel nervous about this. At Art in the Heart, we can put you at ease and explain things if you have never done this before.

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The Art in the Heart bespoke range

At Art in the Heart, we are offering a range of inspired Personalised Commission ideas. As time goes on, we shall be adding more very special products, which have all been conceived by our wonderful artists and makers back in their workshops and studios. There is sure to be something you would really love to have for yourself or a loved one.

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You and the artist

An artist will need quite a lot of notice to create what you specifically want, so it’ s much better if you get organised and ask a good while before you require it – sometimes 2 or 3 months is needed. Artists have to plan, and of course they really want to create work which is the best that they can create. They want to get the detail you want absolutely correct. They really do care an awful lot about this.

You may want to call or meet the artist or maker first, as some commissions can be very sensitive. You can get a good idea here about how the artists works also, and that may be sufficient.

The artist will let you know roughly how long a commission will take, and will let you view progress if you request it, depending on the scale of the work.

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The Cost

A commission may cost a little more money than the artist’s general available work, but it may not cost as much as you think. The cost of a commission depends very much on the individual artist and sometimes for example the size of the piece. An artist will tell you the cost before they start the work. You need to be absolutely sure you want to go ahead with it and that you have the money. This is really important.

To ensure that this is the case, we ask for a 50 per cent deposit. On receipt of that money, the artist can begin the work. We ask that you agree to pay the balance on completion of the work. When the money has been paid, your work is delivered to you.

An artist also may have to travel to be on location for example, if preparatory work is needed, although some artists can work with good photographs. Sometimes a design would need to be approved before the making starts. There are different scenarios.

But we can go through all this and make sure you are happy before monies are exchanged and work starts.

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We shall be adding more incredible Personalised Commissions in the following months.

If you are interested in any of Our Personalised Commissions, email us at, giving us a contact number and we shall call you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can call our Director Dawn Birch-James directly on 07986 609141