Seller Obligations

Before you can become a Seller with us, you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions and these Obligations which form part of the Terms and Conditions. You do this when you Sign Up with us. We are obliged to keep to our side of the bargain and if you do too, then we can offer a great product and service to our customers. It’s all about teamwork.

 Your Obligations:


  1. Be committed to selling your work
  2. Be committed to online selling
  3. Complete our free 1:1 tutorial on how to set up your Store, Shipping and how to upload your products
  4. Uphold our quality control standards in terms of what you can sell and quality of product. Refer to What and Where you can Sell in Selling with Us
  5. Uphold our quality control standards in terms of customer service. Eg processing time for dispatch
  6. Be keen to earn an income or part income from sales generated through our Marketplace. (The aim is for you to get at least an initial sale, but as you gain momentum on the site and with increased product choice, there is limitless potential)
  7. Maintain standard pricing in all your other public forums and outlets so as not to purposefully undercut your goods on this platform. You selling successfully on here, means that we can grow and grow which in turn means that you will get even more sales. It’s a 2 way contract.
  8. Sell only in agreed outlets and platforms. Refer to What and Where you can Sell in Selling with Us
  9. Have at least 10 products listed at any one time with high quality images, clear descriptions according to the given format making direct connections with the narrative of your products, the handcrafted, original unique nature and inspiration for example
  10. Upload quality images (800-1000 pixels on the longest side) which enhance your work. Images are the most important thing when selling online. Your uploaded images will convert to a thumbnail, main product image and zoom automatically through the site’s software
  11. Be organised with sales, customer queries, sufficient packaging, good presentation, prompt deliveries and effective returns policy in line with ours. You will be shown how to do a Returns Refunds policy in our Help Guide. ‘Get started…’
  12. Pay a non-refundable £25 annual subscription fee when you become a Seller with us. This will be requested through Paypal
  13. Set up a Business Paypal account. You will be able to withdraw cash from our Paypal account to yours from your cash balance which is shown on your Seller Dashboard
  14. Pay at source 25% on all your sales. This is automatic

Our Obligations:

  • Provide a hosted, fully serviced, data protected online marketplace for the effective sale of your art and craft
  • Provide access to and facility to order 24 hours a day with an effective Content Management System
  • Provide you with a storefront and dedicated web address
  • Provide you with a facility to upload limitless products
  • Provide you with an easy to use Dashboard with Help Guides and Support including a 1:1 tutorial
  • Vet all prospective artists and makers wanting to sell with us in terms of product standard and ability to sell efficiently online
  • Monitor the site for quality control purposes with regular spot checks
  • Engage in ongoing optimised SEO and online and hard copy marketing activities
  • Allow you to withdraw your money as long as you have at least £30 showing in your balance on your Dashboard.
  • Be available for queries by email and when necessary by phone


  • We cannot be responsible for your lack of sales if we are meeting our obligations in these Obligations and the Seller Terms and Conditions
  • We cannot be responsible for damaged goods you have sent or returns, although if we have taken payment and the item is being returned to you, then we will pay the refund. If we have already paid you minus the 25% for the returned goods then you will owe us this money if you are not replacing the returned goods. Please refer to our Seller Returns and Refunds Policy
  • We have the right to stop your sales on our Marketplace if you are in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions or the Obligations set out here. We shall contact you to say why you are in breach and allow you to rectify the breach. If the breach persists you will no longer be able to trade on our platform. Your subscription fee is non-refundable. This is explained fully in the Terms and Conditions