What and Where you can Sell

We are looking for good quality art 2D and 3D, good quality artisanal and craft pieces, original gift and merchandise ideas from artists and makers. We want artists and makers who are serious about selling their original pieces online and who understand the need for supply and good customer service. We want to work with artists and makers who want to create some kind of revenue from their creations and who want Art in the Heart to provide an income stream. In the majority of cases all work has to have come directly from yourself as the artist or maker.

You can sell your:

  • Paintings
  • Sculpture
  • Mixed media art
  • Digital art
  • Photography
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • Mosaic
  • Woodcraft
  • Metalcraft
  • Hand crafted Jewellery
  • Printmaking (lino cuts, wood cuts, screen printing etc.)
  • Any jewellery which is particularly unique and or quirky which is not completely handcrafted. This is at our complete discretion. We generally do not accept jewellery which is not handcrafted
  • Card packs. Not individual cards unless they are very substantial hand crafted or hand painted pieces in their own right
  • Prints (limited and open edition, giclée or other)
  • Any merchandise which bears the art work or design of the artist/maker (homewares, stationery, accessories, trinkets and small gifts home furnishings etc.) Some of the materials to do this may be sourced from overseas. If you are a 2D artist and produce merchandise, we do insist you also include some of your art work in original or print form. This contextualises your merchandise and makes your brand much more complete
  • If in doubt, contact us at marketplace@artintheheart.co.uk

You cannot sell:

  • Made up jewellery from casts and bought in stones and beads
  • Mass produced images from sources other than you as the artist/maker
  • Gifts which are made as the primary objective with no artistic inspiration. All gifts/merchandise have to emanate from the art, design or illustrative work of the artist and maker
  • Gifts and merchandise sourced from the Far East and other global locations unless they bear the art work of the artist or maker and the source of the merchandise is ethical. Art in the Heart may reserve the right to sell hand crafted carefully sourced Fair Trade gifts from artisanal communities with compelling back stories.
  • Anything which involves cruelty to animals
  • Anything which involves exploitation of a work force
  • If in doubt, contact us

Where you can sell:

  • Any fair or show
  • Any physical outlet, shop, gallery apart from big chain or department stores
  • Your own website
  • Your specific social media art/craft pages, not your personal social media timeline or account

We cannot stop you from trading off Etsy, Folksy, Ebay, Amazon and other similar marketplaces which are unregulated in terms of quality. Neither can we stop you trading from similar marketplaces as ours but with very different brands.

However we shall look at where else you sell and specifically at what you sell on these platforms as we want to remain distinct from them. We want to preserve the uniqueness of our brand. If we think that there is too much conflict, then you may not be able to trade with us. Contact us if you want to talk to us about this.

We prefer not to sell items which are readily available in chain and dept. stores. If you do get a contract with such outlets, well done you, but please talk to us about it. Thank you