What is Art in the Heart?

sarahclark2_pArt in the Heart is about the connectivity between you and our UK artists and makers. It’s about giving you, the art and craft loving customer, direct access to beautiful pieces and products created in UK studios, workshops and spaces at home. It could be a one off commissioned piece or a small token original gift inspired by the creator. You can simply shop here on our new ever growing Art in the Heart Marketplace. 

We are passionate about the choices you want to make and give commitment to the art inspired handcrafted quality of the products we offer to you here online. We understand your frustration with clone, chain store city centres and an internet offer awash with cheap products from around the globe. We understand that you want to know where things are made and how they are made. You just want to know the story and acquire something unique for yourself or for a special person as a gift.


Art in throbbibbye Heart is diverse. We offer many styles, genres and embrace all kinds of inspiration. From contemporary to traditional, country to urban, refined to the quirky.

We are about supporting great artists and makers in their communities and offering real opportunities within the creative industry through this shopper friendly Art in the Heart online Marketplace. We support exciting emerging contemporary artists and encourage quality sellers to join our Art in the Heart online Marketplace whatever their genre, medium or inspiration. Some  of the profits from our online Marketplace fund local art inspired projects here in Peterborough for example the current Art in Shop Windows

Art in the Heart… this is love