How to Sell with Us

What do I do first? 7 easy steps

  1. Browse our website and see what you think
  2. Read about Our Story  and What is Art in the Heart, under About Us, so you get a real feel for us
  3. Read about why it is a good idea to Sell With Us
  4. If you want to trawl through the Terms and Conditions and Policies at this stage, be our guest, but that’s like watching paint dry! We do recommend it at some point
  5. Look rather at the Seller Obligations which form part of the Terms and Conditions. It’s an easier read and gives the main thrust of whether this is for you in plain speak
  6. Check what you are allowed to sell. We have a particular ethos, so no merchandise from the Far East or smaller faster turn over items not inspired directly by your art work, design or illustration. Find out more
  7. If you like what we stand for, think your work fits the bill and want to sell online, then you are ready to apply

What do I do next? 7 easy steps

  1. Register with us by clicking Sign Up in the top right hand corner. Make sure you register as a Seller. You automatically become a customer anyway. You have to tick the Terms and Conditions box and Obligations box for your registration to be accepted. The Terms and Conditions are a longer more legal version of the Obligations which we strongly advise you read.
  2. Pay your £25.00 annual registration fee using Paypal after you have registered, to You need a Paypal account to trade on our Marketplace.
  3. You will receive a simple Application Form to fill out with straightforward Guidelines and a request to send us 5 good product or clear life style images of some of the items  you want to sell on our online Marketplace. You are required to have at least 10 items at any given time in your storefront if you are successful
  4. We shall then consider your application. This may take up to  2 weeks but we aim to let you know within 1. We might contact you to ask for more information
  5. You will receive notification whether you have been successful by email. You will receive one of 2 emails: Successful with a few recommendations or substantial advice or not successful. This does not mean you do not have lovely work. It means it doesn’t quite suit what we want. If you are not successful, we refund your £25.00
  6. Once we have accepted you onto the Marketplace and your fee is paid, we enable your easy to use Dashboard and that’s when your journey with us begins!

What do I do if my Application is successful? 7 easy steps

  1. You will be informed that your Dashboard is enabled. First of all with the Help Guide ‘Getting Started…’ you will get an overview of your Dashboard, set up your Store, your Payment link and your Shipping.
  2. Then you are ready to upload your Products using the next Help Guide: ‘How to Upload Your Products onto your Store’. You should upload at least 10 products.
  3. Quality images, titles and descriptions are key to selling. All details are in our Help Guide: How to Upload Your Products onto your Store
  4. We shall include you on our specific artist mailing list and invite you to become a member of the The Art on the Heart Online Marketplace Forum (Private Group) on Facebook where you can communicate with fellow Art in the Hearties. We shall inform the group also formally that you have uploaded products and are joining us. It is all part of the supportive artist/maker selling community. You can also join the Art in the Heart Community (Closed Group) which is open to any UK artists and makers to share ideas about promoting and selling. Please like our Art in the Heart Facebook Page for our fans and customers
  5. As part of our quality control, we then check your Store and may ask you to improve and change things. If you are really struggling we can offer a free 30 minute free 1:1 tutorial. 
  6. Then it’s plain sailing. You start selling, earning the money. You go from strength to strength and so do we. There are further Help Guides. Making a Sale and How to Process an Order. How to Withdraw your Money. Getting Paid
  7.  If you have a question, you can always contact us