Our Partners

Opportunity Peterborough

Opportunity Peterborough, whose remit is to create growth economic growth and jobs in the city has been an important supporter of Art in the Heart. It has given us a consistent platform at business networking meetings and was instrumental in the initial stages for creating important links and  giving business advice. It continues to create important connections for us

Hunt and Coombs Solicitors

Hunt & Coombs Solicitors gives us pro bono advice regarding commercial lease agreements through the ProHelp Peterborough scheme

Peterborough City Council

Peterborough City Council has given Art in the Heart massive support in terms of premises, inclusion in Visitor’s Guide and on the Visit Peterborough website. Key members have been keen to support our exhibitions and events.

Moore Stephens Accountants

Moore Stephens provided pro bono initial financial advice through the ProHelp Peterborough scheme

Active Property Contractors

Active Property Contractors did the initial renovation of our premises at cost price and did other maintenance jobs at cost price or free of charge.

The Moment Magazine

The Moment Magazine supports us with editorial space and advertising

Peterborough 900 Campaign

We are members of the Peterborough 900 Campaign which is a corporate partnership between Peterborough Cathedral and Business to support the educational and building project developments to be celebrated on the Cathedral’s 900th birthday in 2018. This partnership gives us the opportunity to network and keep abreast of corporate business thinking.

NWES, Peterborough

NWES Peterborough branch has given regular advice to us on topics ranging from initial business set up to company growth. It helped us also apply for and get our Growth Voucher

Cleantime, Peterborough

Cleantime offered an initial industrial clean at a discount rate

Britannia Fire and Security Ltd.

Britannia Fire and Security Limited offered an initial fire security check free of charge

Chris Williams of PREL

Chris Williams, Director of PREL has given pro bono business advice in his capacity as previous Board Director

Rachel Parkin of Mercy

Rachel Parkin of Mercy has given pro bono advice on e-commerce selling and marketing

David Morgan of Next Mile Ltd

David Morgan of Next Mile Ltd. and MSF Technologies offered pro bono advice on company growth and business cases for investment pitches

The Pizza Parlour and Music Cafe

The Pizza Parlour and Music Cafe are one of our sponsors. We also curate the restaurant