About Us

IMG-20150820-00018_pWhat is Art in the Heart?

Art in the Heart started off as a concept which aimed to bring great art and craft to the high street in an accessible way. Its founder Dawn Birch-James partnered with the Council and brought together 13 diverse artists to exhibit and sell their work in the Tourist Information Centre. She called it Art in the Heart.

Very soon after with Mary Portasesque panache, she brought together 45 great artists and makers in the area and created a much needed art gallery and gift shop in an empty shop on Peterborough’s high street, and then in the bespoke Westgate Arcade. There was always a vibrant range of original paintings, ceramics, sculpture, glass, textiles and accessories, sourced from talented regional artists, many nationally or internationally recognised, who wanted to share their passion for creativity with art lovers and indeed ordinary shoppers in the locality as well as with their other clients in other locations.

Art in the Heart decided that after 5 and a half very successful years that the way forward was the amazing online shop The Art in the Heart Marketplace which is now where the focus lies. There are plans to nurture a partnership between Art in the Heart and the newly refurbished large Shopping Centre Queensgate. This will be where Art in the Heart will exhibit the work of its artist and makers in the locality. More of that to come in 2018. Now 36 artists and makers are ready to show you their art products and  gift ware online offering worldwide delivery.

Why Art in the Heart is special for you

Art in the Heart makes art accessible to you, connecting you with authentic work created by talented artists. We source exciting pieces for customers worldwide looking for beautiful artwork to treasure or for a special gift.

We give you the opportunity to buy something completely unique, while also enhancing art and culture in our communities.

Can I shop online?

Yes you can. Our new UK online shopping marketplace means that art lovers worldwide have the opportunity to browse the sort of fantastic creations displayed in our gallery and gift shop, and buy authentic, inspirational pieces.

We’re always adding to our range so why not check in often to see the best from our selected UK artists, artisans and makers?

A bit about us

The beginning…

Art in the Heart gallery and gift shop opened in Peterborough’s city centre in October 2012. We had 45 artists and makers, a team of passionate volunteers – and shoppers hungry for originality.

We were founded by Dawn Birch-James, ex-teacher and mum-of-two turned art entrepreneur, who aspired to make great art accessible in new cities. Dawn hoped Art in the Heart would become a cultural hub within Peterborough, offering inspirational work from regional artists and breathing life into its city centre.

Where we are now

We’re a few years in and Art in the Heart is thriving. We source original work from over 50 distinctive artists and makers, offer an exclusive selection of one-off gifts and a picture framing service.

We promote top class artists nationally and internationally, and our unique pieces are available across the world through our online marketplace.

It’s also important to us to contribute to Peterborough’s growing art scene, and we organise community art events, exhibitions, workshops, and artist demonstrations. We also offer work experience, internships based in our city gallery and gift shop.

What’s next?

We’re planning to enhance our strong community links to support and grow Peterborough’s exciting art scene even more.

And we’ll also continue sourcing the best artwork and craft from UK artists and makers for all you art lovers, and for those who simply love beautiful pieces. Everything is now becoming available on our Art in the Heart online shopping Marketplace as well as our flagship Peterborough gallery and gift shop.