Tips on how to sell your Art and Craft. Arty Mabel. Proceeds go towards our Community Projects


Tips on Selling Your Art and Craft. Help us fund our Voluntary Projects for £3.99

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We offer a here a downloadable Case Study of an actual maker who we call Arty Mabel. It gives a detailed list of what she did to increase her sales when she was exhibiting with us at the Art in the Heart city centre gallery

Not all of it will be relevant to you perhaps but there will hopefully be things you will glean. It will also act as comfort to all artists and makers who know that to earn a living from their art and craft is exceedingly hard work.

We would love to offer this for free, but we need to raise some money for the voluntary side of our operations Art in Shop Windows. Read more about this

Thanks for supporting us!!

When you have paid you will receive an email thanking you for your order and there will be a link to download the PDF. We hope you find it useful.


” In our gallery Oct 2012- Jan 2018 we would analyse artist and maker sales. We didn’t recruit artists solely on the basis of the revenue they earned for us. We recruited artists for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes we exhibited work which we knew was very unlikely to sell.
However sales were essential for us and we knew that selling had become increasingly important if not essential for most of the artists and makers.
Our Founder Dawn Birch-James created this case study for the artists and makers who supplied the Art in the Heart gallery in January 2016 and we want to share it with you today as we feel it is still relevant. Of course now in 2018 there is a whole new raft of social media imperatives and e-commerce solutions for artists which have multiplied, including our own Art in the Heart Marketplace…….BUY OUR CRIB SHEET AND READ MORE..”


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