BRITISH SUMMERTIME, limited edition print by Jacki Cairns


Hand embellished, limited edition (of 50) giclee print from original mixed media artwork. This item is unframed and will fit a standard frame. UK Postage is free. (Approx 450mm x 350mm including signed border).

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‘British Summertime’ is currently my most successful piece, having sold 20 prints to date.   The artwork has been exhibited in Brighton and London, and  has been purchased by the Hertfordshire NHS Trust  as they thought it fitted well with their ‘Resilience’ themed project.

When I was creating this piece I was going through a particularly difficult time and I found the image encapsulated exactly how I felt.   British weather is a great metaphor for the difficulty and unpredictability of life and the woman’s expression can be viewed in a variety of ways depending on the viewers’ mood.

As the years fly by (the original is now 8 years old), I find this image is even more pertinent than ever now ‘Brexit’ has entered our vocabulary, and maybe this image helps describe our feelings towards the current situation when we are otherwise left virtually speechless.

The print has an almost three dimensional quality thanks to the wealth materials I have used in the original. These include; stamps, newspaper, glitter, microbeads, water soluble wax pastels and acrylic paint.  I work in mixed media purely because I love art materials and love the variety in textures they produce.    The print is delicately embellished by hand with a very subtle layer of fine glitter behind the figure.


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  • Heartwork is a venture I set up in 2011 after giving up teaching Art to concentrate on my personal creative endeavours. It wasn’t until I was 42 years old, I was finally diagnosed with ADD (the inattentive variant of ADHD) and that helped explain my rather complicated C.V. I work intuitively from the conception of the idea through to completion of the final piece. My art is a good insight into a hyperactive mind, and how the subconscious and conscious constantly battle for attention producing layers of thoughts, ideas and emotions. Subject matter flits about reflecting my tangled thoughts, in turn keeping my work curiously difficult to categorise. An emphasis on colour, texture and scale is apparent in all of my work, a long with repeated symbolism that corresponds with my incessant need to express myself visually. To date I have exhibited in a wide variety of venues nationally which reflects the eclectic nature of my work: In 2016 I have had two solo exhibitions at the infamous Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton and the Institute of Psychiatry, London.
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