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Capricorn is one of a series of twelve Zodiac original designs, hand painted on silk squares 53 cm by 53 cm, using a hot wax batik technique and permanent fibre reactive dyes.

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I have designed, hand drawn in wax and painted the Goat, Capricorn as a mythical sea goat. According to Greek legend Capricorn was half goat and half fish formed when Pan bathing in the Nile tried to escape Typhon, the monster. Those parts in the water became a fish, the rest remained a goat. It is an ancient constellation of stars recognised as far back as the Sumerian era and represented their god Ea, who came from the sea bringing civilisation to mankind.

Capricorn is the star sign for those born from 22nd December to 20th January. The characteristics ascribed to Capricorn are determination, dominance, perseverance, practicality and wilfulness.

The wax has been removed and the dyes stream fixed to produce a beautiful silky soft square with which you can decorate your home. The silk square is hand washable in mild detergent and to fully eliminate creases may be ironed from wet with a medium setting.


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  • My name is Sarah Clark and I make wearable art silk wraps. My designs are not passive art for the walls but dynamic adornment. I work with molten wax but each design starts with a pencil drawn sketch. Often my designs start with a story, something from nature or legend. Each piece shows the journey I have taken with it, every mark and line. The silk is stretched on a frame and the design drawn in wax and dyes painted into each enclosed cell. All my scarves are intended to be worn and can be hand washed and ironed dry. I have been making my art scarves for over 3 years and have exhibited 40 scarves on the Isle of Man at the Hodgson Loom Gallery. I was a guest artist at the ESCartist Exhibition in Stamford in 2015 and also sell a range of my scarves at the Art in the Heart Flagship Gallery and Gift Shop in Peterborough’s historic City Centre.
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