‘Anna’ by Sue Clyne


This is based on a painting of ‘Anna Caffarelli Minuttiba’ original painted by Ferdinand Voet 1675.
At the time her dress was called the ‘digestive biscuit dress’. She has twine in her hair. Nobody knew much about her, only that she was a noble fashionable woman at that time.

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This painting is inspired by the Old Master painting of ‘Caffarelli Minuttiba’ by Jocob Ferdinand Voet. I was inspired to paint this because of my love for the old Master style of painting, and the elegant fashion of the ladies and gentlemen of that time.

All of my primate paintings in the style of the Old Masters have deep significance. I admire the old styles and the techniques used. It’s my way of bringing them up to date. I want to draw out the similarities between human beings and our monkey counterparts. They have human qualities in the same way that we are all basically harbouring animal instincts and desires.

This painting is in a Gilt Gold frame and measures 26×30″

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  • I’m a self-taught Artist from Norwich. I took the brave step of giving up a previous job 12 years ago to pursue my dream of being a full-time Artist. Now I enjoy selling my work worldwide. I would describe my Art as imaginative Surrealism, so I see things in a sense as more than what they are. I have learned such a lot about me as an artist in terms of style which has evolved so much over the years. I have a explorative approach to my work. It is a hidden journey and so it takes your eye further in. One goes on a voyage of discovery. I also enjoy using colour and different mediums. My recent work has been influenced from the old masters. I’ve Exhibited in the Forum Norwich, Canterbury, and guest Artist in the New Forest festival in Burghley.
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