Paper weight head


A classic DWS piece, a separate head, perfect to hold in your hand and just awaiting a head line in the news paper ‘man kills wife with ceramic sculpture’ please don’t let be you. Kind Regards, David


A weighty piece of sculpture for its small size, approx. the size of an apple these little fellows sit serenely anywhere. Easy house guests and will always keep you company. They will tolerate any conversation and are excellent listeners!

For other head expressions look at the online shop or contact the gallery for other characters. Posted recorded and in own box to ensure it is breathable

Price: £3o.oo

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  • Seller: David William Sampson
  • Do you love me? Do you fear me? Do you have that instinctive maternal sentiment when gazing into the eyes? I have my place in the world; in this absurd, odd place, where neglected innocence exists, where lost souls stir and the alternatives hide. I have seen the unreal, fathomed from the imagination. I can smell the darkness, but feel the light on my cheeks. As a child, all i ever wanted is a safe place, i am playful in my sadness, lost in my flaws and longing in my needs. Won’t you come and play with me? Protect me from harm? Keep me safe? Take me home?
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