‘Brighton Pier Lines’ Open Edition Poster Print by Jacki Cairns, Heartwork


A lovely open edition poster print on high quality satin paper. 405mm x 600mm (Approx A2). It will be posted rolled, in a cardboard tube. It can be framed or hung up ‘free style’, like an old school poster. FREE POSTAGE

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‘Brighton Pier Lines’ is an old favourite which has been selling well since its creation in 2009.    I can not part with the original as it is of huge sentimental value.  Inspired by the film, Quadrophenia, it is a homage to my favourite film.    I have loosely copied a still from the film but changed it considerably using my mixed media techniques.  I have used acrylic paint, water soluble pastels and collage.  The collage paper I used was actually original ‘lines’ written by my pupils sitting in detentions.  Oh the irony, if only they knew their teacher had ADHD, I  didn’t know it at the time either.   Anyone, who isn’t familiar with the film will not appreciate the huge amount of symbolism attached to the film and the huge cult following it attracts even to this day, almost 40 years after it was made.  This print is very popular with women who don’t know what to buy for their other halves….

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  • Seller: Jacki Cairns
  • Heartwork is a venture I set up in 2011 after giving up teaching Art to concentrate on my personal creative endeavours. It wasn’t until I was 42 years old, I was finally diagnosed with ADD (the inattentive variant of ADHD) and that helped explain my rather complicated C.V. I work intuitively from the conception of the idea through to completion of the final piece. My art is a good insight into a hyperactive mind, and how the subconscious and conscious constantly battle for attention producing layers of thoughts, ideas and emotions. Subject matter flits about reflecting my tangled thoughts, in turn keeping my work curiously difficult to categorise. An emphasis on colour, texture and scale is apparent in all of my work, a long with repeated symbolism that corresponds with my incessant need to express myself visually. To date I have exhibited in a wide variety of venues nationally which reflects the eclectic nature of my work: In 2016 I have had two solo exhibitions at the infamous Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton and the Institute of Psychiatry, London.
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