Getting Started: Your Dashboard, Setting up Your Store and Shipping.






1.1 You have been given a Dashboard. Access this by logging in with your Username and Password on the Home Page of the Marketplace. You will have already set up your Username and Password but please contact us if you have forgotten these. You will need to remember your Username and Password each time you log in to your account.

1.2 Once you have logged in, click on Vendor Dashboard in the top right hand side of the screen and you will be taken to your Dashboard Overview which is a summary of your Storefront. Sales, Orders, Reviews, Products and Announcements

Your Dashboard is where you control everything.

You will set up your Store here

You will set your Shipping charges

You will upload your Product(s) images and text

You will process your Orders

1.3 You are now ready to go on a quick tour of your Dashboard. You will see a menu tab on the left hand side of the screen.

1.4 Help Guides (Click on Tab). You will see your Help Guides including this one which are necessary to set up your Storefront. It’s good to run them off. They will help you at each stage

1.5 Products (Click on Tab). This is a crucial page where you upload new products, add images, descriptions, prices and inventory. More of that to come

1.6 Orders (Click on Tab). Once your storefront is set up, this is where you can monitor your orders.  It is key that you change the status once the orders are shipped -change to completed.

1.7 Coupons are not being used at the moment but will be

1.8 Reports. (Click on Tab) This is where you can see all your sales data.

1.9 Reviews. (Click on Tab). Here you can approve any reviews your customers have sent and they will appear in your storefront. Reviews can be a key tool to showcase customer satisfaction.  Encourage your customers to give you feedback – particularly happy customers!

1.10 Withdraw (Click on Tab). This is where you can check your balance net of commission (25%).  Once you have £30 or more, you can make a withdrawal 30 days after the sale, to take into account any returns or refunds. The money will be paid directly to your Paypal account registered to your store.

1.11 You have now finished the quick tour. Now click on Settings. You are ready to set up your Store which means your banner (prepared in advance), profile (prepare in advance), payment link and shipping charges


2.1 On your Dashboard click on Settings

2.2 The blue bar at the top will show how far you are progressing with your store set up. NB Some elements aren’t active – so do not worry if it doesn’t reach 100%.

2.3 Upload your Banner. (A banner is something you need to prepare beforehand. It is a rectangular 625 x 300 pixels image relevant to your art, craft and you as an artist. It should bear the name of your Store, company, or name you use linked to your artwork). This is the Art in the Heart banner. Look at banners of other Artists and Makers. Click on the blue icon entitled Upload banner.

2.4 You can now see the Upload Files and Media Library icons. Here you upload any image you want to use on the Marketplace for your products and here for your banner and profile. Your images are stored in your Media Library.

2.5 Click on Upload Files, Select Files in the centre of the screen and find your banner in your computer files. Double click on your banner file and it will upload onto your Media Library

2.6 Click on the image and a tick will appear. Click on Select in the bottom right hand corner. It may say Select and Crop which means your banner is not the correct size so it will crop it here. Click crop if necessary. Your banner will now upload

2.7 Now type in a Biography or Profile. We may have already uploaded this if you included it in your Application but you can edit it now. Talk about what you do, your inspiration and the highlights of your career, selling etc. Look at other artists’ bios for ideas.

2.8 At any time you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the purple Update your Settings icon to save what you have done. It’s always advisable

2.9 You are now going to upload your profile image. It is exactly the same process you used to upload your Banner. Your profile image is most likely an image of yourself. This must be 150 x 150 pixels. Click on Upload photo. Click on Upload Files and Select file as you did before with the banner. Find the image in your computer files and double click. It will upload as before into your Media Library.

2.10 Click on the image and a tick will appear as before with your Banner. Click on Select in the bottom right hand corner. It may say Select and Crop which means your profile image is not the correct size so it will crop it here. Click crop if necessary. Your profile image will now upload onto your Store

2.11 Now type in your Store Name. This is what will be seen on the Marketplace and is how your potential customers will recognise you and your work.

2.12 Store Product Per Page. Type in 12. This will ensure that your pages don’t have 4 products on, which means the customer has to keep going through pages to see your products

2.13 Input your address, phone number and email. (Please note, this information will not be visible on the website.)

2.14 Tick the More Products box as this will show the customer more of your products if they click on individual products

2.15 If you aren’t able to access your marketplace store at any time e.g. on holiday, go to the Vacation box.  This is important as customers will typically expect a rapid response for their purchase.  Don’t forget to amend when you return.


3.1 On the left hand menu, click on Payment. Currently you will be paid through Paypal, 30 days after the purchase, net of our commission (25%), providing there is a balance due of £30 or more

3.2 Type in your Paypal email address here. Please get this right otherwise when you withdraw money, it will not reach your Paypal account and it will be very difficult if not impossible to retrieve. Do not fill in your bank details at the moment.


4.1 Shipping is another word for Postage. On the left hand menu, click on Shipping, (NOT Advanced Shipping). (You may be well versed in shipping charges, but if not please get the Royal Mail and Parcel Force postal charges leaflets from your local post office or you can download them).

4.2 Tick the box Enable Shipping Functionality. This will produce a shipping tab for each product in your shop so customers can find out the shipping cost before they purchase. This is vital for shoppers


4.3 Now set your Default Shipping Price. This is an amount which will be charged for every product as a base cost. But we recommend FREE UK Shipping especially for items weighing less than 2kg. So here we recommend £0.00 if you can. Later, on this page you can add to this for Europe and Rest of World. We recommend that you cover UK shipping in your price for your actual product. The customer then thinks they have a better deal

4.4 Now type in your Per Product additional price for postage if a customer buys a second non identical product from your store. It cannot be FREE so we recommend £1.00 or £2.00

4.5 Now type in your Per Quantity additional price for postage if someone buys a second identical product. Again we recommend £1.00 or £2.00

4.6 Now choose your Processing Time. This is the time required before you dispatch. It’s recommended that you stick to 1-3 days

4.7 Now fill in your Shipping Policy. You may like to say specifically what you do for your products so for example you might say. Each product is sent second class signed for. Or each product is sent next day delivery signed for. You can then also say See Art in the Heart Shipping Policy in the Footer menu.

4.8 Now fill in your Returns Policy. Here say See the Art in the Heart Marketplace Returns and Refunds Policy in the Footer menu. You can also add things. For example, if the item is damaged then you will require a photo of the damage. You then need to state that you need it back and will pay to get it back. You need to give a time frame when they need to tell you about damage. So you can say.

“If your item is damaged on arrival you need to inform me within (one week) of dispatch. You need to send an image as proof. Then you need to send the item back and say whether you would like an exchange or a refund. I shall refund the cost of the postage.”


“If on receipt of your item you decide you do not want it anymore, you need to inform me within one week of dispatch. You will need to send it back in perfect condition but you will have to pay postage. I will refund you for the item”. (It is UK law that a customer can return an item if they simply change their mind as long as they adhere to the Returns Policy)

4.9 Now choose the Ships from UK option

4.10 Now you are going to fill in your Shipping charges for the different countries. The more detailed you make this, the better it will be but the longer it will take. We suggest you allow 20 minutes to do this properly.

Click on Add Location. Select a Location. Start with the UK and keep it as zero. Skip the state name and cost. Keep using Add Location. Select other places near to the UK for example Jersey Guernsey and enter a price for example £5.00.

Then Add European Locations and charge £10.00 for example. It’s up to you where you want Europe to stop. This will take a little time but it’s worth listing all the countries you wish to categorise under Europe for postage costs

When you are happy you have listed all the locations you wish to charge European postage then click on Add Location and select Everywhere Else and charge for example £15.00. This will cover all the locations left for example Australia, Japan etc.

Alternatively you can keep UK as £0.00 and Everywhere Else a set price if you do not want to list the European countries. So for example all places apart from UK and perhaps some nearby places can be £0.00 or £5.00 and Everywhere Else can be £15.00. You will lose on some and gain on others.

You have now set up your Shipping. The great news is that if you have one off heavy or one off light items, when you add your products you can override these settings for individual products. This will be explained in the How to Upload your Products Guide

Make sure you click on Save Settings before you move on


5.1 There are 3 icons at the bottom of the left hand menu

Here you can visit your Store, change your Account details for example your password and log out

Congratulations! You are now set up as a Seller on Art in the Heart Marketplace