Giuseppina Santoro-Ellwood

Spending my summers from early childhood in Sicily has added greatly to the unique and exotic experiences now reflected through my work. I recall memories of the rich landscapes, extensive journeys, climate, happenings, people, houses, cultural foods, traditions and rituals/events in particular – events around food that have structured my life and beliefs.

Much of my work explores the experiences and place of Italian women in western culture and so I draw on my diverse and personal experiences as a British Sicilian female and look at them from a spiritual, historical and current context.

Preferring to take an organic approach to my work, allows each piece to evolve over time combining materials such as images, found objects and unusual finds.

I use the events of my life as inspiration for art ranging from painting, drawing, music, film and installation to photography, crotchet and sculpture. I create in stone, plaster, clay, textiles, adding in words, phrases and poetry from the Sicilian language which helps me to reveal deep rooted narratives where my British and Sicilian culture and identity are also brought into question.

Please contact Dawn Birch-James CEO at if you have a query about, or would like to purchase any of these pieces.