Art in Shop Windows

Art in Shop Windows is a voluntary community project, which we are rolling out in 2018 in partnership with Queensgate, the main shopping centre in the heart of Peterborough.

Over the course of this year the public will be able to enjoy the latest work by some of the best artists and makers in the area and from the artists here on our online shop, the Art in the Heart Marketplace. The work will be exhibited in at least 3 of the shop windows along the elegant Westgate Arcade.

Art in the Heart had happy times in its lovely gallery and gift shop along this arcade, working closely with its landlord Queensgate, one of our biggest corporate fans!! And so it’s natural that we want to continue working together to support our exceptional artists and makers in the community. We kicked off in January 2018 with this beautiful display of animal portraits by the very talented and well known artist Dina Perejogina. See below the dates to view our art, craft and unique gift ware along the lovely Westgate Arcade in Queensgate:

14th January-26th February: shop 22

27th March-9th May: shop 18

1st May-13th June: shop 13

13th July-25th August: shop 22

9th August-21st Sept: shop 18

13th Sept-26th Oct: shop 13

25th Nov-7th Jan: shop 22